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PERKINS AIRCRAFT SERVICES currently holds PMA certificates on close to 250 products. Our marketing and engineering departments work closely with one another to make sure that our product line continues to grow along with the needs of our valued customers. The common issues of all our customers are cost, quality, and availability. We here at Perkins Aircraft Windows pride ourselves in providing FAA/PMA approved products at a significant savings over the other OEM prices. Our product line includes after- market windows for at least one model from nearly every major air-frame manufacturer in the world.



PERKINS AIRCRAFT WINDOWS Is all about Aerospace transparencies.  We have been involved in over 20 unique aircraft projects ranging from Jet Fighter Canopies to eVTOL aircraft windshields and side windows, to specially designed observation windows for Maritime surveillance in pressurized aircraft and reproduction of Fire Bomber specialized mission windows.


We have provided engineering services ranging from reverse engineering and tooling for  military Jet Fighter canopies to original design of eVTOL projects and fabricating master tools from CAD drawings.


Our tooling includes high temperature composite forming molds for Stretched Acrylic, Polycarbonate and Glass.  Both in Monolithic and Laminated form.  Precision rout guides, Drill Fixtures, Laminating Fixtures, etc.


EVERYTHING IS HIGH TOLERANCE. We have the latest in Autoclave, ovens, clean room facilities and Quality Control Systems. Above all else, what makes Perkins Aircraft Windows special, is our people.  As a group, we have been solving aircraft window problems for over 40 years and we have a passion for aviation and the aircraft we help build – and we are hungry for the next project!

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